Announcing a brand new action/arcade game for iOS (iphone and ipad):
FLUTTERFLY launches worldwide on the app store THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2014.

PRICE: first tier (US $1)

Developer promises NO IN APP PURCHASES OR ADVERTISEMENTS in this premium version of the app ever.


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Butterflies are migrating. Help guide them along their journey in this beautifully mesmerizing, side scrolling color-matching game.

Flutterfly features over 70 hand crafted levels and three exciting stages to explore. Journey to the Purple Valley, the Yellow Prairie and the Blue Riverbank.

Unlock ten powerups for free and discover exciting abilities like slow motion and shrinky dink. There are three endless modes that provide ample replay value and allow you to compete for high scores. Game Center leaderboards and achievements are fully integrated.

Battle predators like dragonflies and take on the elements such as wind and rain! Overcome epic boss battles with speedy and unpredictable birds!

An additional 30+ levels as well as two brand new stages are currently in development. Players can look forward to the launch of the Green Forest and the Red Mountains in a future update: all for free with this premium app's low $1 purchase price.



Flutterfly hits the sweet spot balance between fast moving, twitchy side-scroller and color-matching puzzler. Throw in the stunning visuals and catchy original soundtrack and you have the equivalent of Tiny Wings meets Tetris.

Of course, the flock physics and innovative one finger swarm controls make this something entirely new: and in this case the sum of the parts is greater than the whole! Flutterfly embraces a new mechanic that really works. Guiding differently colored swarms of butterflies with a single touch seems like something touchscreens were born to do.

And as if the casual, addictive gameplay weren't enough, Flutterfly packs in enough level variety, powerups, stage unlocks and endless modes to make this way more than a tasty snack. For $1 you get a full eight course meal, with no IAP or advertisements as promised by the Developer.

To put it mildly, Flutterfly is an app with broad, casual appeal that people of all ages will flock to. Or maybe in this case, flutter to.



• OVER 70 challenging, hand crafted levels

• Journey across distant lands including the Purple Valley, the Yellow Prairie and the Blue Riverbank.

• Face the perils of the ELEMENTS and PREDATORS: rain, wind, dragonflies and birds

• Ten Powerups to unlock for FREE: SLOW MOTION, SHRINKY DINK, DISCOFLIES and more

• THREE ENDLESS MODES: compete for the High Score!

• Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements.

• Gorgeously rendered graphics and animation as well as a delightful original soundtrack by the Developer.

• Nail-biting BOSS BATTLES

• NO In App Purchases or Advertisements in the premium app EVER




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Did you know: Flutterfly originated as an endless game with a single level called 'FLUTTER' (no longer available for purchase). When the original game didn't meet the developer's expectations, the tough decision was made to overhaul the project.

Five months of hard work later, FLUTTERFLY is the result! Instead of a single level, 70 hand crafted levels were created. Players now fought to WIN each level instead of simply running out of lives.

For more on the transition process and to read about lessons learned from the launch of the original app, read this blog post!



Flutterfly was created entirely by one person! Sebastian Conley did the programming, animation, design and even the music. Sebastian is a creative jack of all trades. A self-taught designer and animator and programmer, he has won an Emmy for his animation work and wrote and directed a feature film for which he also single handedly did all the animation and special effects.

Sebastian spent nine months, 14 hour days (no weekends!) working tirelessly on Flutterfly. It is his second app and his first game. He considers Flutterfly to be a work of love. In his own words: "To me it's all about putting a smile on someone's face. That's the point of creativity. With Flutterfly I've tried to create something a little magical, totally fun, and ultimately delightful. I hope that it brightens someone's day."

The solo indie developer sacrificed nearly everything to see Flutterfly through to completion. "I lost a lot on a personal level making Flutterfly. But to me the sacrifices were worth it," Sebastian admits. "Because at the end of the day, maybe we're all like Flutterflies trying to make it home through the rain. And if I can help make someone else's journey a little more fun-- be it a smile on the subway, or some excitement while standing in line at the post office-- then I've achieved my own personal high score as it were."

Flutterfly was created using Unity3D. For more behind the scenes information on the making of Flutterfly, visit Sebastian's blog at: or follow him on twitter at @SebastiansGames.