New App!

Wow– it has been a long time since I wrote! I have been extremely busy– and I’m proud to announce that a new app of mine is about to… take flight. :)

I spent the last two months in a very harrowing Snake Plissken like Escape From New York. Packed up all my belongings, said goodbye to all my friends, office coworkers, neighborhoods, coffeeshops, bars and jumped a plane for California. All in the midsts of the worst Winter I’ve ever experienced in the Big Apple (40 degrees in late April– WHAT??!) and sneaking in coding and design every chance I had.

I arrived in CA two days ago (finally on Apple time!), and uploaded my new app yesterday.


Somehow screengrabs of this beautiful moment in Xcode never get old. :)

The journey to the completion of this particular app was particularly harrowing because of all the above stated hurdles.

And after reaching the finish line, I indulged in a little nap at the parent’s house. My mom snapped a pic and added some embellishments in photoshop– a little hint at the new app along with a clue as to where I inherited my photoshop skills:


More details coming very soon! For now, I’m going to enjoy some well deserved sunshine.

It’s good to be home.

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