Spider Prank Feedback

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Spider Prank! Have ideas on how to make it better? Have you had some problems you want to report? Let me know in the comments and I promise to reply!

Also– do you have thoughts on what spider species I should work on next? Here’s a little poll to add your vote– but other ideas are welcome in the comments as well.

New Spiders
What new spider species should be added to Spider Prank?

Thanks so much for your feedback!


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  1. 1:52 pm, September 22, 2013Anonymous  / Reply

    Hey Sebastian, just got your app and it’s brilliant. Great for scaring victims. Anyway I’d like to say something about the next species to be put in the game, I think the tarantula would be a great choice as they are big and scary, and would be better for a prank than a lets say daddy long legs. Anyways keep up the good work. You’ve done an excellent job.

    • 10:02 pm, September 25, 2013sebastiansgames  / Reply

      I completely agree!! I’ve already concluded that the tarantula will definitely be on the list for the next round of spiders. And btw– a special congrats to you as you are the very first person who has commented on my blog. I’m grateful for your interest!

  2. 6:09 am, January 28, 2016Cody  / Reply

    How about the camel spider

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